The And Of The Ghetto

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An individual faces many struggles growing up in society. Schooling is no different, at least it wasn 't for me. Growing up an double minority was rough. Not only was there a stereotype for being hispanic but there was also the sexism that tags along with being a female. Growing up a in a lower class educational system only exasperated these qualities even more. I grew up in what others would describe as the ghetto. I knew it and so did everyone else. Because of this, I grew up with this notion that I was not adequate enough to succeed. All it took was for one believer, and as I continued to grow, many believers to help me see my full potential. This help was essential in showing me what my capabilities are and that i am able to achieve so…show more content…
Mike Rose also made a bold statement. he stated that “students will float to the mark you set”. In this statement, the “you” refers to the teachers. Intern he is also saying that teachers set the bar for students as high or as low as they would like. If the teacher doe not offer much to the student the the student will assume that the bar has been reached and there is no more to be learned. I connected with this because the bar was set very low for me in my education as a child. I had no limits to push or barriers to break, or so I thought. With this oppression of my right to learn as much as I can, I became a less than average student. Allowing someone to believe in you while you do not even believe in yourself is extremely difficult. You have no reason to allow someone to see what you don 't see and therefore assume they are lying when hey tell you different. In Mike Rose’s essay he talks about his encounter with this one teacher he had, Brother Clint. Brother Clint was a biology teacher that taught the entire school. Because he taught the entire school, he treated every class almost the exact same. He also distributed relatively the same coursework to every class no matter what level it was. When he started to realize that Mike was doing well in the class for a vocational student he decided to delve deeper. He finally realized that Mike did not belong in that class and was misplaced. From there on he
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