The And Of The Group

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At this point, Group A and Group B displayed interorganizational processes. Interorganizational refers to processes that exist between organization and other organizations in their environment (Wells, 1995). Kristine tested the boundaries by addressing her feeling towards a member in Group B after the group processed. As a result, both group members felt the system (the entire class) dynamic and setting was unsafe and loose. The mixed feelings of anger and hurt influenced the dynamics of the system for a few weeks. The group as a whole increased their personal boundaries to avoid being attacked or hurt. Group A has enter the storming phase with Group B. Storming is the conflict, polarization and resistance to the group influence and task (Tuckman, 1965). Storming should occur within the group and not between two separate groups. The group rigid personal boundaries around their roles prohibited the group from entering the storming stage with in the group. The class as a whole went through norming, and performing separate and together due to the environment and temporal boundaries. According to McCollum’s (1990), factors that influences the group development are environment embeddedness and temporal boundaries such as time. As a system, outside of the classroom environment, all members of each group are friendly towards each other. Having a group outing helped members to forget about the tension or avoid the drama by not talking about group dynamics outside of the classroom
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