The And Of The Jewish Culture

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Another way this affected the original listener was by finally opening the door to having a personal, powerful, and intimate relationship with Yeshua. In the Jewish culture, everyone read and studied the Torah. It was not like how it is today in the West. When speaking of knowledge, God isn’t referring to intellect most of the time. The word heart really means the mind in much of scripture. When Jesus said He wants His people to know Him, He means to love Him with everything, which is shown by obeying His commandments. Love is a decision, not just an emotion. The whole reason Jesus came back was to reestablish the connection that was lost with the fall of man. Jesus abolished the sin barrier that had been between God and man for so long. A Father wants a true and pure relationship with his children; God is the exact same way in the sense of wanting intimacy. He desired this close relationship so badly that He sent His only Son, His FIRSTBORN to bore the cross and face rejection yet again. Even when looking at the significance of the firstborn to the Jewish culture will provide an even richer revelation to how incredible and infinite Adonai’s agape love is for His Children. In Luke 10: 8-9, it shows that Jesus sent out His disciples to minister and told them every town and village they entered that they were to dine and eat with people in whatever homes would accept them; when they were healing the sick, they were to say “The Kingdom of God has come near you.” In Hebrew,
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