The And Of The Red And Black Ink By Gloria Atwood

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Writing can present a lot of messages to it readers and audiences. It conveys a message that allows one to see what is their role and identity in society. The way they convey their message is by presenting their own language into their writing.The use of language in writing creates and identity in the act or experience of writing. As it is shown in the text How it feels to be forcibly fed by Djuna Barnes, The Shawl by Cynthia Ozick, and Tlilli, Tlapalli/ The path of the Red and Black Ink by Gloria Anzaldua. In the text how it "How It Feels to be forcibly fed" by Djuna Barnes, is about the way a woman goes through the experience of women being fed forcibly in order for her to obtain the right to vote to get a say in her society.The language is presented with a lot of detail on how it felt when she was being put into this state where she was forcibly fed. Throughout the text, it is shown how the uses of language in her writing allow one to see the role and identity these charters had in this piece of writing. For instance, "Unbidden visions of remote horrors danced madly through my mind. There arose the hideous thought of being gripped in the tentacles of some monster devilfish in the depths of a tropic sea, as the liquid slowly sensed its way along innumerable endless passage that seemed to transverse my nose, my ears, the inner interstices of my throbbing head" (Barnes,461).This connects to the thesis because the about uses the imagery of a monster going into her body

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