The And Of The Tolkien 's ' Magnum Opus '

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Rowling has written one of the most recognizable and iconic pieces of literature. Harry Potter series differs from the works of Lewis and Tolkien. Yet they still have the same impact on the readers. In this essay I will evaluate Rowling’s magnum opus in order to compare her implementations of the gospel to that of Tolkien and Lewis and to determine whether or not her work is worthy of pertaining to the western canon. Also, I will describe the implications of her novels on the platonic worldview according to Rowling’s use of the themes of death and the afterlife. Additionally, I will be relating Rowling’s utilization of both death and the after life to that of Tolkien and Lewis in order to analyze its causation of arousing hope and setting justice. The novels crafted by Tolkien and Lewis seeks not only to entertain the reader but also to project their religious ideologies. Much like Tolkien and Lewis, Rowling inserts small hints of her Christian faith subtly into the Harry Potter series. The primary source for their material is the Gospel. Tolkien, in On Fairy-stories writes, “fairly dare to guess that in Fantasy he may actually assist in the effoliation and multiple enrichment of creation.”(Tolkien, On Fairy-stories, Pg:73) to describe the impact of the protagonists who fight in order to preserve the principles founded by God. Much like Tolkien’s protagonists who venture out to destroy Sauron, the offender of iluvitar’s(God) beautiful creations, Harry sets

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