The And Of The Voices

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I sit down on the brown fluffed up couch and stare straight into the optics of my shrink, Frank, thinking “how did I come here?” Not realizing I was saying it out loud. My shrink responds with “how about you start from the beginning?”, And that is exactly what I did. To be honest, I didn’t know where to start, should I start with the voices in my head or the imaginary people or being inches away from killing my best friend and my sister; nonetheless, no option sounded good, so I started as far back as I could remember. For as long as I could remember I have constantly had these voices in my head: some are beneficial, some are bad and some are plain evil. Ace of the voices has become something more, something real; for the sake of this we will call him X. X is a human that is everything one would hate to be. He is spine-chilling, villainous, dark, psychotic, twisted, malignant, broken, murderous. A sadistic psycho that could wipe out an entire population and go forth with a grin on his face and not a whit of remorse. When I was a kid, my parents tried to take me to visit a psychologist after I strangled our puppy. It did not give any useful answers, due to how I was not able to see that I had caused it. That was when I was 9, I didn 't realize the existence of X until I was 12. Since then it has been fighting him for control, with no material advantage gained from either of us. Either he takes control or I take command. It 's simple as that. My personality changes…

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