The And Pedagogy Is Different When Teaching Adult And Children

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This paper will discuss andragogy and pedagogy, learning. How they work, how they’re compared to each other. How andragogy and pedagogy learning approach is different when teaching adult and children.

Summary of Finding Studies have shows that if children start school with a strong set of outlooks and skills this helps them learn. They will be better capable to take advantage of educational opportunities. Despite the fact some knowledge skills come naturally to children, others can be industrialized through a supportive atmosphere. Different parts of the brain control different kinds of function is basic building blocks in the brain as the children gain knowledge. “Every neuron has an axon, which outputs impulses to other neurons.” Shonkoff, J.P., D.A. (Eds) 2000
During this early years learning is very important for a child’s development this continue from childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Andragogy is identified as the arts and science of assisting adults learn. Pedagogy has been described as the arts and science of teaching children. The objective of both is education the difference is one target adults the other aims at children. Let’s demonstrate how they work for children and adults learn differently. Children generally are codependent and count on a teacher to provide them with the information to learn. Whereas adults are self-direct and take responsibility of their desire to obtain knowledge.

Comparison of Andragogy and
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