The And Power Of The Constitution And The Idea Of Federalism

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Since the very beginnings of America, there has been debate as to the size and power of the constitution and the idea of Federalism. This debate is very much present in our modern day world and it presents challenges of its own. Some of these said challenges in the American federalist society include the breakdowns in communication, the extents, and limits of government vs state power and the shared powers of said parties.
To begin we must address the issue of the communication breakdown in the United States. The best example I can give is the hurricane, Katrina. During this disaster, the appalling lack of federal and state government cooperation lead to a five-day delay in providing assistance to the people of New Orleans. Which lead to …show more content…

A simple yet powerful exhibition of the state 's power.
With this in mind, I must address the hundreds of gray zones. Zones. Now when I mean gray zones I mean when the states or the federal government have the majority of the power and are willingly or unwillingly enacted into some program or decision.
We did not see the main burst of this gray zone bribery till the 1950’s when one of the first gray zones appeared under the Eisenhower administration. With his (“Interstate highway system “...) (pg60) which “invited “the states into a reconstruction deal where up to 90 percent was financed by the government.The (“offer was too good to refuse “) (pg60) When the states accepted it began the slippery slope that would continue through to the sixties and Lyndon B Johnson (pg 60) and his “model cities program” and “Medicaid”. I (pg60) it was a foxy way for the government to escape the bounds of the constitutional restrictions. Through the essential bribery the federal government “The national government did not force state and local governments to join the programs: it simply made them financially irresistible.”(pg70) Condemning, the states to the oil-slicked relationship with the federal government.
Yet it was not until the late 200 and the

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