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Psychoeducational and Process: The Power of Support Death of a loved one can be overwhelming. The world changes for those in grief. While some may be grateful that loved ones, are no longer suffer, others may be not prepared for a family member or friends life to end. Maybe the death was sudden, or a death of a child, nobody can prepare those left behind for the anguish of experiences. Grief often lies outside of words, beyond the simple clarification of our conscious minds. It is in the unconscious, the mystery of life, which expression, deep wounds and triggers, that becomes overwhelming for the individual (Earl, 2007). Group Type Population of Intend Serves Number of Session and Length of Sessions Plan to Approach Diversity…show more content…
As far as treatment, it focuses on personal goals and relationships. The fundamental principle of CGT is that, grief is a natural, adaptive process. As a result, treatment of clients, with complicated grief (CG) involves removing the disablements, becoming a successful way to process grieving through restoration-approach methods (Wetherell, 2012). Integrative Cognitions play a central role in behavior, comments Corey, Corey, and Corey, (2014). Therefore, integrative has rewards, it allows flexibility and characteristics for understanding each member’s problems regardless of their grieving process (Corey et al., 2014). For this reason, one of the best-known theoretical approachs, is the integration process (Dluhy et al., 2007). Furthermore, the goal of creating an unnoticeable framework produces two or more theoretical approaches, under the belief that the outcome will be comfortable, than a theory alone. Thereupon, highlighting the foundations of emotion-focused therapy (EFT), which is the role of emotions, in psychotherapeutic change (Corey et al., 2014) Existential Therapy To understand the meaning of existential therapy, we must first understand the definition of the method. Therefore, existential approaches the inner core of human beings, emphasizing on outer adjustment, and the fundamental problems of existence, is that of being oneself. Hence, humanities ' principles are methods of
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