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The authors adhered to the PRISMA guidelines(16) in the preparation of this systematic quantitative review. Randomized and quasi-randomized controlled trials (RCTs) that examined the analgesic effects of adding SNB to FNB following TKA were reviewed and evaluated using a predesigned protocol. Literature search Two of the authors (F.W.A. and R.B.) independently searched the US National Library of Medicine database, MEDLINE; and the Medline In-Process and Other Non-Indexed Citations databases; the ExcerptaMedica database, Embase; Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews; and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials database. The databases were searched using medical subject headings (MeSH), text words, and controlled vocabulary…show more content…
Eligibility criteria We retrieved full reports and abstracts of RCTs that examined the effects of single-shot or catheter-based infusion proximal SNB (SNB group) compared to placebo, systemic analgesia, or general anesthesia (Control group) on analgesic outcomes in patients undergoing unilateral TKA. Only RCTs where FNB was administered in both groups were included; and RCTs examining surgical anesthesia and/or postoperative analgesia were considered. We excluded studies if analgesic outcomes (at least analgesic consumption or pain scores) were not reported; if distal SNB was performed; if the analgesic effect of SNB could not be assessed in isolation from other concurrent analgesic interventions, such as local anaesthetic wound infiltration, intra-articular injection, or epidural anesthesia; if surgeries involved anatomical areas other than the knee joint, such as the ankle; if knee procedures did not involve arthroplasty, such as cruciate ligament repair; or, if adjuvants other than epinephrine were added to local anaesthetics. Additionally, trials involving non-adult patients (<18 years) were also excluded. Search was limited to RCTs published in English. Selection of included studies Two authors (F.W.A. and R.B.) independently evaluated the results of the literature search. The decision on including qualifying studies in the review was taken by consensus between two of the authors;
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