The And Rationale For Vendor Selection

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Abstract This paper addresses the processes and rationale for vendor selection in global sourcing. Many businesses are not equipped to handle all functions of the business. Apple computer is a successful industry leader in mobile communications and devices, and computers. Their success is contributed to the strategies for focusing on core competencies and innovation, and partnering with vendors to foster a competitive advantage. This paper provides an insight on the methodology used for the organization in selecting vendors, contracting process and the country risk assessment. Introduction Many organization manage their business strategies through sourcing various entities of their supply chain to other companies. Outsourcing is a commonly used practice for a global organization to focus on core competencies, and partner with other organization to execute functions more efficiently and with cost reductions (Arias-Aranda, Bustinza, & Barrales-Molina, 2011). The transactional costs theory is the idea of organizations using outsourcing as a tool. The reason they partake in acquisitions and utilize sourcing for industry expertise and cost savings of their business functions. Strategic planning is essential for outsourcing to mitigate the business risk. The challenges of business and the market require an organization to react to their needs based on the business environment. In addition, organization are able to restructure their business actions and foster a competitive
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