The And Republican Party Establishment

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The GOP and Republican Party establishment elites are no longer on the side of the true American. The true America is what our founding fathers had risked and gave up so much to establish with the Declaration of Independence and the signing of The Constitution. Unfortunately in this election cycle, the establishment has made it very clear that they are more concerned with their political party elitist ideals than being a representative of the American voter.
Each political party has a duty to its voter base. The duty of the modern Republican Party, after much evolvement since its official formation just prior to the Civil War, is supposed to stand up for conservative American values, which include, but aren’t limited to:
• The Bill of Rights and The Constitution
• Religious freedom and liberty, not allowing small groups who are offended by Christianity to be able to impose their will over Christianity
• Limiting government control over citizen’s lives
• Maintaining a strong military to protect this country from its enemies
• Only authorizing a tax system that allows for prosperity and growth, not penalizing those who succeed
The last seven plus years under a Barrack Obama presidency, the GOP and elected Republican officials have stood by and allowed the continued downfall of America and the American way of life. They stood by and did nothing. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obama Care, was passed which forced Americans to purchase health insurance or they
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