The And Responsibilities Of Being A Social Worker

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The participant observation project was a very interesting one that really shed a light on some of the intricacies and responsibilities of being a social worker. In Meridian, MS there are several programs that assist a wide variety of the population, nevertheless the largest by far is East Mississippi State hospital; formally known as East Mississippi State Insane Asylum. The reason this author chose this particular site is multifaceted. First, the writer has a history there as a direct care worker (DCW). For about a year he was employed in the adolescent unit where he assisted teens who were struggling with chemical and alcohol dependency as well as those who had true mental illnesses. It was the first hands on experience the writer…show more content…
When the author visited the division that housed mental patients with psychotic behavior it was a chilling experience. By appearance alone some of the men there are larger than average and look to be quite strong. An interesting question would be how to interact with these persons when they do not have restraints, nevertheless more on this will be discussed later. In all, this place and the population they serve are necessary for the community in Meridian. The staff at EMSH have work diligently to preserve the sanctity of life by offering much needed help to individuals who are otherwise alone. The team is complete with a representative from every discipline and everyone plays their parts and contribute to the overall health of the clients. Personal Interview The interview was conducted with Mrs. Sheila Newbaker who is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has a wide range of experience in both the private and public sector and is presently working two jobs, one at EMSH and the other at Rush Foundation hospital on the weekends. At EMSH she is oversees eight other social workers and currently has five interns. The first discussion question of the interview revolved around what population she was working with and for how long. She is managing an all male unit who suffer with Severe Mental Illness (SMI) but who are
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