The And Sacking Of The Greatest Metropolis

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The plundering and sacking of the greatest metropolis (Constantinople) in the Christian world. Surely, this was not the result that Pope Innocent III had in mind when he called upon the leaders of Europe in 1198 in an attempt to convince them to retake the Holy Land (Jerusalem). Since the death of Saladin, Pope Innocent believed they were at a moment of weakness and it was a great opportunity to take the Holy Land (Robinson). However, they would never get there. Short of resources and men the crusaders took deals with the Republic of Venice and Alexis the IV. These deals involved them invading Zara and Constantinople, fellow Christian kingdoms (Robinson). The irony of such actions is astounding, considering their original mission of taking the cross in the name of Christianity. The 4th Crusade was an eruption of tensions between the West and the Byzantine Empire which was caused by the barbaric, greedy, and hypocritical nature of the Western leaders and crusaders and would leave a devastating impact on the future of Byzantium. The relationship between Byzantium and the West was severely severed by the time of the 4th crusade. There were still animosities from the West regarding the Schism of 1054 when the Orthodox Church split from the Catholic Church (Phillips).There were tensions caused by invasions by the fighting between the two parties in decades previous, and also by the mannerism of passing crusader armies in Byzantium in 1095. Significantly, there was a general

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