The And Skills With Quantitative Reasoning And Analysis

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Assess your progress and skills with quantitative reasoning and analysis. Where do you still need to improve, and what is your plan for improving these skills?
Assessing my progress and skills with quantitative reasoning and analysis is with being able to utilizing SPSS to compute my results. Initially taking this class I felt that SPSS was initially simple. But throughout the classes I noticed that it became more difficulty on using SPSS, where I had to utilize numerous websites and books to be able to get the appropriate results. I still seem to have some difficulty with creating APA style graphing, and my grades seem to show little improvement. I must admit this class is quite different from my initially Quantitative Analysis class. I would like to do more imputing data in SPSS on different type of research methodologies to strengthen this area. I would also like to practice on creating proficient APA graphs for all types of research designs. I believe Walden have seminars on strengthening this weakness, I remember seeing a seminar that was provided but the class filled up to quickly that I was unable to sign in.
Consider what role this course has played in helping you determine an approach to your dissertation topic. Has your original topic and approach changed? Why? How?
In consideration of this course I feel that I have a lot of weaknesses in regards of quantitative reasoning, I feel it may be beneficial to do a study in qualitative due to my proficiency in that
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