The And Skin Complexion That Was Fare

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was straight textured and skin complexion that was fare. Because of this the first girlfriends I selected where light skinned and had hair that was naturally straight in an attempt to please my mother and support her ideal.

At a very basic level all human beings are animals and I hate to use this analogy because of the negative connotation of using a animal in relation to ethnic people, but there is no other way for me to express the connection between our humanity, preference and genetics, if we examine for instance a canine it 's easy to see the effects a pasts generations experience has had on the current reiteration of its breed I.e., there is the obvious physical attributes muscularity and physical defenses claws teeth this is part of evolution, but there is also there is an innate automatic reasoning (instinct) coupled with the experiences and subsequent nurturing of a parental figure that will keep the young away from potentially life threatening situations this culmination of nature and nurture is also prominent in the human animal and even more so in the human beings that are preyed upon by other cultures for example African Americans disassociating with there own people or showing dislike of there own skin color. This reveals how there is a culture of fear associated with being African American that has been inherited.

How my family functioned Roles
Before it was in vogue I grew up in a household with two mothers.
My household was matriarch driven and at its…

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