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Furthermore, different industries have different levels of significance to different social issues (Brammer & Millington, 2008). Therefore, a firm which adopts unrelated diversification strategy, operates its businesses in several different industries that are widely different in stakeholder demands and social issues. In opposite, a related diversified firm, which conducts its businesses within an industry, has much coherent stakeholder demands and social issues. In consequence, an unrelated diversified firm deals with more diverging stakeholder demands and social issues, whilst, a related diversified firm remains focus on relatively narrow range of social concerns (Kang, 2013). Moreover, {Jackson, 2010 #356@@author-year{Chiu, 2011 #279@@author-year} argue that industries represent an important boundary of institutional fields. They argue that institutional environment pressures on CSP might be different in different industry, depend on the industry visibility. In addition, {Chiu, 2011 #279@@author-year} assert that industry visibility might be related to environmental level, financial and production risk, or the number of customer, the total of employment, the amount of revenue, or taxes of an industry. Therefore, an industry which faced a stronger institutional pressure might have a higher level of commitment on socially responsible behaviour toward stakeholders (I.e. government, consumers and NGO). Accordingly, a related diversified firm, which operates in a lower

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