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Next time when you are hiring, do not look at the resume, just “stalk” the candidate’s Facebook profile page. Social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. are definitely corrosive especially to communities that want to socialize by meeting peers in person, but are societally forced to gain access to such social networking sites. What is the true meaning of social networking? How has it changed in this fast paced society? I am sure our grandparents will be able to give us a spot-on definition of this consent manufactured term. They are the ones who did not sit in front of their laptop screens for hours going through photographs of their friends and relatives, instead they stepped out to meet them in person to have legit…show more content…
Firstly, Social media is most common among the youth as they tend to take full liberty of the facility. Relationships make or break with a click of a button. If there is an argument within two friends, they are most likely to unfriend each other from Facebook rather than talking out the issue by meeting in person. Even if they want to talk about it, they do so on the text. This results in exhibiting inauthentic feelings against each other due lack of conveyance of thoughts through facial expressions. In support, Whitty (2003) found that if a partner 's computer is left accessible or a spouse 's password is known, partners will often engage in investigatory behaviors that lead to the discovery of infidelity activities. Social networking sites such as one of the most popular sites, Facebook, also introduce a potential to misinterpret messages and provide access to users to post messages on another 's profiles, comment on one another 's photographs, send private messages, and chat online. Numerous relationships are broken due to the urge of implementing such acts on better half’s account [2]. Moreover, such websites create a pathway for the youth primarily to covey false expression of feeling and lifestyle. Most teenagers have a tendency to boast about their belongings or expensive lifestyle, this feeling is conveyed to their friends by posting materialistic pictures of their possessions or upmarket events they
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