The And Social Work Welfare History

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In this paper I will discuss a variety of aspects related to my agency, such as structure, social policy, and social work welfare history that empowers families’ lives. This semester I have been given the opportunity to work, as an intern, at Head Start Nacogdoches following a social worker understanding the importance of being efficient in my future career. At Head Start my job is to observe, take notes, and ask questions to my field instructor Ms. Celena Garrett in understand the importance of developing programs to help parents build a suitable lifestyle for their child. Social Work/ Social Welfare History The three historical event that has a had major impact on the services delivered by the agency, consist of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal Policy, the Office of Economic Opportunity summer launched in 1965 (..). According to Roosevelt, (1932) the policy was designed to make a drastic shift in American society, "Let us . . . highly resolve to resume the country 's interrupted march along the path of real progress, of real justice, of real equality for all of our citizens, great and small.” In his speech the President’s promise towards the depression, gave people of the United States hope and they began to trust in him knowing their President would carry out his New Deal Policies. The New Deal policies underline focus on the "3 Rs": Recovery, Reform and Relief. The President wanted relief for the unemployed and poor; recovery of the economy to normal
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