The And Strength Of The State

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The weakness and strength of the state often associates with how the state relates to the society, in which also refers to as ‘Civil Society’. Civil society plays an important role in creating awareness to address rising economic, political, environmental and social problems in our society. In this essay, the information provided will be mainly based on the community findings of a NGO (Non-Government Organization) called “Homes of Hope”, which is located in Wailoku, Fiji. It will give a better insight on how the civil society challenges or influences a state from becoming weak or strong.
Homes of Hope is a Fiji-based charity group which was formally established in 1996 by a missionary couple, Mark and Lynnie Roche. The major objective of this organization is to stop cycles of forced sex against young women and children. (, for example, rape, human trafficking and sexual assault. Sexual exploitation has become so serious in many of the Pacific island societies that it is difficult to control the problem completely. This essay will firstly give a number of reasons for this problem, from the perspective of domestic, social and economic sense.
One reason is that increasing sexual exploitation is caused by domestic issues. These issues include domestic violence, family divorce, parental neglect and family financial problems. For example, youth from violent home environments often being kicked out of the house. As a result, this group of youths tend to get
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