The And Structural Family Therapy Model

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Understanding how a family works and interacts is the key objective to therapy. In this paper, Bowen and the Structural Family Therapy model are presented as the two which is most appropriate and effective according to the personality and beliefs. Bowen family theory can be considered to have laid the foundation for this therapeutic model. The Bowen family theory puts value on the role of the family as an emotional system in which the functions of each member of the family is connected through interactions within the family. In this family system, members are constantly changing and adapting their behavior to achieve a balance and stability within the family system.
Bowen introduced the hypothesis that many mental illnesses are the result of dysfunctional patterns in the family system. He was the first to treat the whole family and their emotional system instead of the single member and their personal emotions or behaviors. The theory goal is to help clients reduce anxiety, help clients find a relief and to increase each member of the family 's differentiation. Bowen recognized that there was no need for family member to confront each other but reestablish contact to help resolves issues of conflict. He felt when using his theory in counseling sessions that it is more cognitively controlled rather than based off of emotion. Family therapists realized how the emotional process in which a person is involved matters to the patient. They focused on the individual 's growth,…
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