The And The Aids Epidemic

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Bathhouses and The AIDS Epidemic

Sexual institutions are a part of everyday life. They consist of proms, weddings, sex shops, escort services, brothels and several others. One sexual institution that is not as well known is gay bathhouses. Bathhouses, like all other sexual institutions, provide a legitimate social space to be sexual. They are organized around the pursuit of sex (Seidman, Fischer, and Meeks 2011). Upon entering the bathhouse, men usually strip from their clothes and most walk the halls of the bathhouse searching for sex in a darkened room (Seidman et al. 2011). Bathhouses are important because they “played a central role in the development of a distinct homosexual, and later a gay, identity ” (Hendrickson 2011:335). In the 1970’s when AIDS was classified an epidemic, bathhouses took a hit. People began to wonder were bathhouses a place of sexual liberation, or a center of disease and contagion? Today, people still believe that bathhouses were the cause of this epidemic. My paper and my project will serve to inform people on the nature of bathhouses and will destroy the false conceptions surrounding gays and the AIDS epidemic. I choose this topic because it is very important and people are often unaware and uninformed about these topics. I myself was not very informed about the AIDS epidemic and believed a lot of the false conceptions surrounding it. This is important sociologically and to society because without a full correct understanding of gay culture,…

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