The And The Balance Of Socialism

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May Fourth and the Balance of Socialism in China
This essay examines the acceptance of communalism in China amidst all the challenges that contributed and moulded it. These challenges include anarchism, communism and New Village Movement. After the end of World War 1 and subsequent collapse of the Qing dynasty, the May fourth era was a time when China seemed intimidated by social war resulting from inequalities of modernization and imperialism from abroad. The Chinese intellectuals were opposed to the use of force to reject globalization but rather they wanted the Chinese society to embrace modernity and study foreign ideas, for example, foreign literature, western science, religion and democracy.
At the end of World War One there was an increased threat of a world wide revolution Vladimir Lenin who was the head of the Soviet Union prophesized “Only the ones who close their eyes to avoid seeing, and stuff their ear to avoid listening can fail to notice that there is a worldwide birth of pangs of the old capitalist mixed with socialism is spreading” people everywhere were waiting for a revolution that would once and for all end the capitalist system that had dominated the world. In the western nations tension was growing, for example, the strikes in Seattle and the political revolution that took place in Germany.
China also was not left out in this worldwide shift, and between the years of 1918 and 1922 the country saw the young and the educated publish numerous
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