The And The Contemporary Manifestations Of Alternates From Traditional School Structures

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The topic I have chosen to write about for this final writing assignment is the history of and the contemporary manifestations of alternates to traditional school structures in the United States. I will look at several of these alternatives and how the public reaction to them has changed throughout American history. The reason I am writing about this topic, and the reason this is an important realm of education to observe and explore, is because of the push for an individualized approach to students’ education and the success that stems from that. With the rise of treatments and special programs for students with special learning needs and accommodations, the use of alternative education structures becomes all the more prevalent and necessary to discuss. This issue is important to everyone involved in the school system and the student body that occupies it because a rise in alternative education structures alters the dynamics of the traditional school system it’s leaving. With this exploration into the topic I hope to present several alternatives to the orthodox classroom, the benefits and costs of said alternatives, and how the perception surrounding their use has changed since their beginnings. The best place to start this examination is with the historical context of nontraditional school structures.
Since Horace Mann’s campaign for common school and free public education, the ideas and procedures for education in the United States have been debated. Traditionally, from…
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