The And The Economics Of Education

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In the articles Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2015 and The Economics of Education, Dana K. Rickman discusses the issues that are occurring in education throughout Georgia. The author is the Policy and Research Director of The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education. Rickman partnered with the program manager, Elisa Olivarez, in researching and writing Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2015. The topics stated in both articles really cover most of the problems that Georgia is being faced with. The Georgia Partnership meets annually with the new legislative session to hear from experts in several fields including funding, education policy, teacher preparedness, and much more. Education reporters and editors from around the state are in attendance of this meeting. A panel of legislators provides understanding on the key education issues they will be handling during the session. The top ten report is officially released at this meeting. From the reading I know that Rickman’s objective is to educate the citizens of the state of Georgia about what’s going on in their state concerning education. From the readings I understand that Rickman is not only identifying issues but also outlining what is being implemented to correct them. I think the author noticeably acknowledged all that is important regarding the present glitches in education as well as informed readers on the changes that have been made.
Until reading these two articles, I didn’t realize how little I actually
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