The And The French Revolution

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Casper David Friedrich was a German Romantic artist in the nineteenth century that is most known for his landscape paintings that display the romantic ideals of individualism, nature, physical and emotional passion and an interest in the mysteries of the world. Where did these ideals of Romanticism begin? Taking a look back into the 17th century, there was another intellectual movement that changed society, culture and politics. The Enlightenment was a time period lasting throughout the 18th century which brought about the Age of Reason in which politics, philosophy, and science dominated in Europe. The philosophies of the Enlightenment placed emphasis on rational and scientific thought and viewed the natural world as one that is governed mathematically and by scientific laws which could be understood by humankind. The Enlightened philosophies brought about this drastic change in all aspects of society which influenced the several revolutions of that time period such as the American and the French revolutions. After the French Revolution, the concepts of the Old Regime and traditions of the past in Europe were abolished while new concepts introduced by the Enlightenment were being implemented in all areas of politics, culture and society. This left Europe in a state of two opposing worlds - one that still appreciated the traditions of the past and one that was ready for new ideas of the future. Out of this chaos is where the ideology of Romanticism developed and thrived in
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