The And The Great Depression

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Introduction Because of the wealth afforded through the Industrial Revolution the beginning of the 20th century in the United States was filled with peace and prosperity. However, in the background war was on the horizon. After two world wars and the Great Depression, some of the movements of the 19th century were re-established. Moreover, new movements emerged in response to the issues created from the wars and the Great Depression. I will discuss the major religious, social and political movements that emerged in the 20th century. Religious Movements During the 19th century, many approaches were taken to Christianize the immigrants in the new nation. The living conditions were crowded, people were abused and there was only a few…show more content…
Subsequently, the Pentecostal movement spread through different denominations in the United States. The Pentecostal movement resulted in the creation the Assemblies of God, which is the main Pentecostal denomination in the United States. In addition to the overcrowding and other urban issues brought on by immigration, European ideas also immigrated to the United States. Darwin’s theory of evolution questioned the validity of the creation story in the book of Genesis. The theory taught that through evolution humans would have the capability to solve problems and create peace, joy, freedom and abundance. In response, Protestant Liberalism emerged and taught that humans were free to think as they pleased. Gonzalez noted, “Protestant Liberalism was an attempt to couch Christianity in the mold of those ideas, and gained wide acceptance among the intellectual elite in the U.S.”. Although most liberals were Christians, there was a group of radical liberals called modernist who were not Christian. In addition, the modernist did not believe in the Bible, instead they believed the key to achievement was will power. According to Alister McGrath, “The fundamental theme of modernism was its desire to control”. Because the theory of evolution was a direct contradiction of the Christian faith, many Christians viewed liberalism as a threat. As a
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