The And The Great Gatsby

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I consider myself relatively adequate in terms of my writing skills. In highschool I spent a majority of my freshman year reading classics and analyzing the themes and motifs in said novels. My main issue was development because I felt that most statements or inferences could be made in terse arguments. By sophomore year I found my struggle to be the absolute opposite with issues in condensing my writing pieces. While I did spend a majority of my highschool experience dealing with various writing difficulties, I was able to overcome them and they left me prepared for a challenge.

In the beginning of freshman year we were told to choose ten novels, within reason, that we found somewhat intriguing and given a list of essay topics that were broad enough to apply to any of the novels. I chose mostly classics because I thought they would help me in junior year for the New York State english regents exam. I read standard novels such as Frankenstein, Les Miserables and The Great Gatsby which at the time I considered relatively difficult to analyze because I usually struggled with development of themes and symbols. My solution was to read more essays and take notes of their development so I could apply it to my own writing. While I was able to establish a solid basis of my writing skills when dealing with literature, I was aware that narrative or persuasive essays were extremely difficult for me. My out of school readings were mostly playwrights since I was extremely intrigued…

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