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presented in The Times and The Guardian contains snippets of information on the positives and negatives of the plan while maintaining relative neutrality on the topic. On the counter, the Alex article immediately attacks the plan as well as European Union countries. When looking at the individual coverage of the issues and conflicts with the flow of immigration to Europe it is obvious that The Times and The Guardian utilize “false balancing” by stating broad facts and using one direct quote source, while Alex’s article presents subjective opinions designed to instill fear in the reader about Europe’s response to the immigration. The conflicts and issues associated with immigration are glanced over by Alex as he says, “European cities…show more content…
The Guardian takes a more subjective approach to the immigration issue than The Times in this case, which can be attributed to their geographic and political interest with the EU. The Guardian uses a Juncker quote, “too many people not entitled to asylum enter the European Union illegally and remain there, and often despite legal proceedings that conclude they should return home.” (2). Utilizing “card stacking” against the immigrants by Juncker does show some vague resemblance to the viewpoint of Alex’s article, showcasing the negative effects of immigration. However, The Guardian presents the negative side to the issue by using a quote which enhances the credibility by not just selectively picking quotes that remain fairly neutral, like The Times. This negativity can be attributed to the fact that Britain, as a nation critical to the EU, would favor a quote by the EU president admitting that his plan and organization does have significant flaws. So The Guardian will undoubtedly favor the inclusion of quotes pertinent to the issues of the EU. Portraying the effects of the mass immigration on the economy is portrayed optimistically with limited detail by both The Times and The Guardian, but the Alex article picks apart and points out and defines the negative effects on the economy of Europe in great detail. A
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