The And The Island Of Misfit Toys

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“Welcome to the island of misfit toys,” Sam says to Charlie. This line declares Charlie as a permanent part of the group, and encompasses the feeling that Charlie has throughout his life, as well as the rest of the people in the group. Several of the characters within the movie feel as though they do not belong, but reach a sense of belonging when they are with this group of people. Social psychology has five important themes that explain a few of the situations the characters experience, including: conformity, persuasion, self-justification, aggression, and prejudice. Conformity is a dominating theme from start to finish and seen in several of the characters, but Charlie falls victim to this often. Beginning with him meeting Sam and Patrick, it can be said that he never says no to anything, he just goes along with it to stay friends. Two prime examples of this are: the drugs/drinking and the relationship that Mary Elizabeth forced onto Charlie. The first example is the drugs and the drinking; perceived as conformity, since they did not force either of the items down his throat. Identification is changing personal beliefs to be like the influencer, which is a primary motivator for Charlie’s actions. Charlie is compliant when Mary Elizabeth forces a relationship onto him, which is another example of conformity. Compliance motivates by either a reward or a punishment and in this case, both motivate Charlie. He states in the movie that he just accepted being her boyfriend
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