The And The Jewish Faith

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Miceale Jones RELG 103-001 Leviticus reads more like an instruction manual and at times a medical encyclopedia than a story or an historical account. There are five major topics cut into two main sections that are covered in this book and interestingly enough at the time of the emergence of the Jewish faith a lot of these laws were taken as their own. The book is set at Mt. Sinai and begins exactly one year after the Israelites’ departure from Egypt, exactly after the construction of Moses’s tent meeting. Having the setting be at Mt. Sinai and so close to the departure from Egypt, the audience would most likely be the succeeding generations of the exiles and some original exiles. Even as most believe that the Book of Leviticus was authored by Moses, is mostly of the Priestly History because of the subjects and tones contained within. The first subject covered in thoroughness is The Sacrifice for Offerings, what is acceptable and how to prepare and present them, Secondly, the dedication to the tabernacle and priests and the transgression of Aaron’s sons. Thirdly, is the ritual purity that in itself is divided into two parts; the first covering impurity and the second covering the Day of Atonement. The fourth thing to be covered was described as the Holiness Collection, chapters 17-26, all ending with the addendums concerning vows, dedications and tithes. By the layout of this book, as more like a manual broken into sections, its chapters do not have to be read in
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