The And The Makers Eye : Revising Your Own Manuscripts By Donald Murray Essay

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By examining the ideas in the essays Freewriting by Peter Elbow and The Makers Eye: Revising your own manuscripts by Donald Murray. One can gain a better understanding of the process of turning a piece of writing from an inspiration into a craft. By examining the elements lined out in each essay can be beneficial in creating a piece of writing that is beyond a college or student level. Elbows essay lines out the importance of a strong prewriting regimen. That editing too early can ruin writing. He believes that by using the method of free writing, it can inspire ideas that may be limited when worrying about grammar. While Murray emphasizes the necessity to create many drafts to form writing into its full potential. Saying each draft is an opportunity to discover what the author has to say and they the best way to say it. By transforming writing into its maximum potential it goes from being an idea an inspiration a masterpiece. Elbows piece, teaches the reader the importance of free writing before actually starting to format and produce a piece of writing. The goal being to write for ten minutes and don’t stop for anything, without worrying about correct spelling or grammar (Elbow). He states that it helps by not receiving any feedback at all, explaining that free writing must not be evaluated by anyone at all. Its is meant to generate thoughts, create a voice that is vibrant and strong. Over editing can kill writing. The author 's voice is dammed out by all the…

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