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In 1971 a scientist known by his students as Professor Zimbardo conducted an experiment to test if the leading cause of abusive behavior in prisons was the inherent personality traits of prisoners and the prison guards (Wikipedia. “Goals and Methods”). Zimbardo began his experiments by selecting twenty-four of his students, twelve to be prisoners and the other twelve to be the guards. His experiment was funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research due to the interest of both the U.S. Navy and the Marine Corps interest in imprisoned conflict. The problem with this experiment wasn’t the goal; it was the issues throughout the experiment and what was done about them. Deep within the basement of Stanford University’s Jordan Hall, Professor Philip Zimbardo created a makeshift prison for those who participated. Out of seventy-five student who applied twenty-four were chosen. Mostly middle-class, excluding those with a criminal history, medical complications, or psychological impairments Zimbardo chose the twenty-four most suited for his experiments. Nine of each prisoner and guards actually participated while the other three of each were chosen as alternates. Now with the students chosen pay was established. The students were given $18.00 a day, the equivalent to $56.00 accounting for today’s inflation. With all of the plans formulated and students selected, the experiment began to be conducted. Zimbardo “arrested” the participants and charged them with armed robbery. Then

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