The And The Middle Assyrian Laws

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The Middle Assyrian Laws are a collection of laws that were put together for the people of Mesopotamia, although the author is unknown. These codes of law were originally written in Akkadian, one of the earliest Semitic languages. The excerpts are from the Code the Assyrians, which was made in 1075 BCE. According to the document, They were found during the twentieth century in ancient Assur (currently Northern Iraq) at the site of Qal’ at Shergart. These laws are significant because they implemented structure into their society by setting standards for what women and men can and cannot do. They are important to us today because they give us valuable ideas as to how ancient society was in Mesopotamia, particularly gender roles in 1075 BCE. The Middle Assyrian Laws determined different severities of punishment for those disobeying these laws. These laws had a wide range of topics; they touched on subjects such as rape, pregnancy, sorcery, abuse, cheating, divorce, farming and much more. A majority of these laws are based around relationships between men and women; it’s apparent from just an overlook of these laws. They cover the expectations about marriage, cheating, abuse, and also determine the punishments for each individual involved. Most of the laws were created specifically for relationships between men and women. In law code I. 13, it states “If the wife of a man go out from her house and visit a man where he lives, and he have intercourse with her, knowing that she…
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