The And The Modern Education System

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If the body and the mind are considered as a unity, it would be unwise to ignore the importance of the body. However, that is exactly the case with the modern education system. To prepare their students for tomorrow’s world, many schools and teachers try to develop students’ minds by increasing the required course work and the amount of standardized tests. However, they worsen a student’s body condition by depriving him/her of the time to play and exercise. In “The Play Deficit,” the Dr. Gray believes that “the decline in opportunity to play has been accompanied by a decline in empathy and a rise in narcissism” (Gray). Playing is a physical experience that develops the body and the mental capacity to understand other people. The lack of play can result in self-centered students. In addition, under increasing amount of pressure to study, students have less freedom to play, resulting in an increase in mental illnesses in children. When schools fail to understand the concept of body-mind unity, they undermine the development of personalities and the mental and physical health of their students. Scott Carlson adds to Dr. Grey’s view. He argues that physical education trains the mind and teaches values that cannot be learned in classrooms. He suggests that: “Aerobic activity might help oxygenate the brain through increased blood flow, stimulating the growth of new brain cells or helping to maintain neuroplasticity,” which is essential for the memory process (Carlson). People…
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