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Churches today have about the same level of knowledge as the Jews and Gentiles when Tertius penned the words spoken by Paul to Rome. Dominations around the Globe live within a division about the purpose of the Mosaic Law. One domination feels that the Mosaic Law has superior presidencies over the Church that requires strict adherence in order to have righteousness to live a Godly life. While the other dominations feel since Christ has fulfilled the Law (Romans 10:4 KJV), the Mosaic Law pertains nothing to them or their actions as a Christian. Paul directly tells the Jews and Gentiles they have miss interrupted the Mosaic Law; that the Mosaic Law truly reveals that not one person is righteous before the Lord; therefore must seek salvation…show more content…
For the Law is not sufficiently convicting Israel of her sinfulness and sadly this applies to Gentiles as well.” For the Jewish Nation has restest in the law, allowing the Jews to boast about a freedom from judgement as Gods’ elect. Therefore, considering themselves confident to guide the blind and be as a light to them that are in the darkness. (Romans 2:17-23 KJV) Paul uses the key word “restest” as one being slothful; fat, to describe Israel’s lack of understanding the Laws purpose and for not observing the Law. Paul continues argueing with a Jewish interlocutor who is questioning the fact that Paul has mentioned one circumcised has no profit if the circumcised still breaks the law. For there is no difference between circumcision and uncircumcision in Gods’ eyes; however, those that have been circumcised have through the Covenant of Abraham have been entrusted with the oracles (Law) of God. (Romans3:2 KJV) Nevertheless, if one circumcised breaks the law, that person is now uncircumcised. Yet if the uncircumcised still retains their righteousness of the Law, is his uncircumcision will be it counted as circumcision according to the Law? Paul was calling the kettle black with the Jewish interlocutor. Here again Paul refutes the interlocutor that it is not just the Gentiles that have sinned; however all of humanity
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