The And The Radar Specialist

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Other screens showed a parachute being deployed from a Volkswagen Beetle sized cylindrical canister the plane had dropped. It caught the wind unfurling into a giant orange dome. “The egg is at one thousand feet.” The radar specialist called out. Everyone focused intently on the egg. “Mother Bird is safely out of the hot zone. Egg is at eight hundred feet.” The radar specialist said. “Here we go.” whispered Sergeant Barnes. “Seven hundred feet, the egg is hot.” informed the radar specialist, meaning that the bomb was now armed. The room held silent. Commander Brayzack whispered to Sergeant Barnes that the bomb would detonate at five hundred feet to maximize…show more content…
The smoke began to clear. The officers running the cameras worked frantically to zoom in. The destruction was immense. At the epicenter of the blast nothing remained. Trees were up rooted and the grass been incinerated leaving a circle of scorched earth two hundred yards in diameter. There were no bodies. No infected. The cameras panned out, searching for any sign of movement. “Did we have complete vaporization?” General Hanes asked as he looked out over the room. “There!” one of the naval officers controlling a camera bank called out as he pointed to the largest of all the screens. He focused in on what he saw. It was a human leg lying on the ground. Just behind that was an arm, then a head, then more body parts. The naval officer zoomed out the camera. Other officers began working their equipment and the wall of television screens started to adjust. There were limbs seemingly everywhere. The infected that were closest to the blast had indeed been incinerated, the rest torn to shreds. The tattered body parts the cameras picked up no longer moved. Most of the heads they could find and focus a camera lens on were also lifeless—deadless. Further away from the blast zone the cameras focused in on a decapitated head of a man. His eyes were still open, milky white with cataracts. Burnt skin now covered his face and his jaw was snapping open and shut at the invisible enemy that just
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