The And The Sacrifice Of Isaac By Peter Paul

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A painting is a scene, frozen in time. Artists can bring them to life. Catching the emotions of whatever is depicted. The bible is full of memorable scenes, with thousands of years of art to capture the intensity of the stories.
My Journey to The Sacrifice of Isaac by Peter Paul Rubens begin when I saw a painting at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art almost six years ago in a grand room, with tens of other paintings and high, echoing ceilings. I stood in front of a massive, Renaissance-era piece. Without looking at the title or artist’s statement, I knew it was of Abraham sacrificing Isaac. It had the iconic look of one of the most infamous stories from the bible.
And when I remembered that painting, years later, I knew that would be the focus of this paper.
-So, with my painting in mind, I went to KSU online >> Hale Library >> ARTstor >> ‘Abraham and Isaac’. But there were too many paintings. And the majority of them looked the same. After clicking through about a dozen paintings from the Louvre, of Rembrandt and Domenichino and not finding the specific painting from my memory, I went to the Nelson Atkins’ website and then cross referenced with the list ARTstor was offering. The painting was Peter Paul Rubens’ The Sacrifice of Isaac and I can say, details get lost in memory.

The painting, for the most part, kept with the scripture. Considering the scripture was bare-bones when it came to description, that wasn’t an impossible feat. The binding of Isaac was similar in the…
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