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In verse the last verse, we find the last piece of the armor, the shield of faith. We can see that for Paul, this is an important part of the armor by how he introduces this piece of armor and the words that follow it. As with all the previous pieces of the armor, the word following shield is specially important to know of what this shield consists of and what it does. It is pretty clear in this one, that faith is what protects us from the devil. However, here it is important to specify what faith is protecting us. “To speak of faith is not to focus on human belief, but on the faithfulness of God. What protects us from the arrows of the evil one.”(Snodgrass, 343). Snodgrass says this shield protects us from the arrows of the evil ones recalling that in the time when the text was written, shields were used to protect soldiers from the burning arrows of the enemy. But Paul is actually talking about the attacks of the spiritual forces of the evil. So what Paul is saying in this verse, is that the faithfulness of God will protect the believers from any attack from the evil. “Be strong, alert and ready”(Snodgrass, 354), these are some of the theological principles that we find in Ephesians. More specifically, we can find these three in Ephesians 6:10-16. God wants us to be strong, and he is willing to provide us with the strength of his spirit. However, recall that this is something that we are not given when we are born. “Empowering is not automatic, but comes as we

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