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Staring down the corridor I see a white blur. Walls are scattered with flickering lights and monitors. As I let go of the walls and push off the ground, I am free, as if I will never touch the ground again; I am floating limp above the Earth.
Scott is here with me. Our suits resemble large puffy marshmallows. Mission Control briefs us before we begin. Sometimes it is like the guys back on Earth are purposefully trying to scare us before we begin. Protocols are necessary for our safety as we venture into this dangerous place. Thoughts of rupturing lungs, bursting eardrums, and boiling bodies, plague my mind. Mission Control utters that the briefing will keep Scott and I safe. Although the thought of my demise is not entirely discouraging.
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The hatch begins to move. My first glimpse of the universe is veiled behind the shade of white insulating fabric – what a buzzkill. A corridor of white covered by even more white, a curtain hiding the most stunning view. My disappointment is obvious. Reaching out to pull it away is as exciting as unwrapping a Christmas gift.
A hint of the universe peers into the airlock. Rays of sunlight invade abruptly, casting a silhouette upon the back of the corridor. Detaching from the station, a sliver of the universe catches my eye, it is now time to go out.
As much as I would love to float gracefully through the emptiness of space, I don’t intend to die today. The bulky square space suit makes it difficult to fit through the round hatch. Emerging from the hatch, I notice the grand scale, the vivid colours and textures of the cosmos.
I’m holding onto the rest of the planet, with a single grip of my hand, supported from my waist, only by a thin tether. We revolve with the world at speeds unimaginable. On one side is a familiar world of infinite textures and boundaries painted on the ground by the civilisations of Earth. To the other side, an endless field of ever enshrouding cosmic darkness. Eyeing me from behind is my partner Scott, speeding forward; head first like a missile. We are ready to get to work.
Working outside in the vacuum of space is a surreal experience. It’s almost like déjà vu, it is a place so familiar, yet so otherworldly. Five hours pass in the blink of an
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