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If America and the coalition wish to defeat the Islamic State and re-stabilize Iraq and the Levant, Assad should be funded and the FSA discarded.The continual conflict in Syria is one of the most controversial and misconcepted engagements in the modern era, because of media organizations spreading these truthless allegations and misconceptions. Most westerners view the Syrian Civil War as a fight between an evil regime led by the brutal and malicious Bashar Al-Assad, and Peaceful democracy seeking freedom fighters. The Syrian Civil War has been waging for over half a decade, and has gradually diminished into a war of attrition. The conflict was thrust into existence after Sunni-Arab Syrians became especially enthusiastic about the Arab Spring. The Rebel Bloc in Syria is often thought to have piggybacked off the momentary success of the Libyan Rebels ousting the Gaddafi Regime. However, contrary to the Libyan Rebellion, the War in Syria has been devolved into a legarthic war of attrition that spans multiple nations in the Arab World, and is dominated by a copious number of multi-goaled factions. One of these factions rose to relevancy in 2013. Several titles have been coined to reference it, such as Daesh, ISIS, and ISIL, but when referred to professionally, it is often called The Islamic State. The Islamic State has committed a genocide of which has displaced and massacred ethnic and religious groups that have inhabited Islamic State held territories prior to the Arab

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