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Imagine lying in bed sleeping, when in the middle of the night the floor gives way and the earth sucks you up into it. This is what happened to a Florida man in
2013. His friend came by to check on him because he had not heard from him for a while, only to find the large hole in the bedroom and Mr. Bush was no where to be found.
He has not been found to this day. A sinkhole swallowed him up alive and was never to be heard from again. Sinkholes are formed from the limestone that is in our ground throughout the U.S.A and the world. There are natural cracks in these bedrocks where the water flows through to the underground into caverns or pockets, and when these pockets dry up due to sewers, drainage pipes and city piping (which makes the natural way of water to be absorbed into the ground, disturbed), it makes the ground soft because there is no more water there to fill the cavern and thus it caves in forming a sinkhole. Florida is nicknamed "sinkhole alley" because between Orlando to Tampa and Miami to Jacksonville, there are over 2500 sinkholes ready to pop up at any given time. There is many underwater springs, in Florida it is called the "Devils Den" which was formed more than ten thousand years ago.
In Kentucky, The National Corvette Museum swallowed 8 corvettes last year, it was 40 feet in diam. and 90 feet down to a cave below. In Quatemala City
Quatemala in 2010, swallowed up a building it was 55 feet across and 100 feet deep.
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