The And Their Identity Of The Public Eye

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and their identity in the public eye. Within a physical classroom, relationship with students, learning outcome and decision-making process are major concerns that teachers need to constantly take into account in the classroom practice (Calderhead, 1981).
The power of teacher in an education
One of the teacher’s powers involves a wide range of activities relating to classroom management and teaching effectiveness. Since the role teacher plays in the education is crucial owing to the direct interaction with the students and the teaching context on a regular basis, educational research have started to shift the focus on teachers’ voices as an insiders’ contribute to the effective implementation of educational policies and reforms.
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Teacher and educators negotiate their positions within the working context they are in. In fact, “[r]ather than those who work there fitting themselves to the requirements of the situation, there are number of very important way in which the institution has to take account of the interest of the employees and fit itself to them” (Dale, 1981 cited from Apple 2012: 120).
The power of teacher, as this research contends is more sophisticated than the ‘social power of teacher’ model drawn in Shah and Inamullah (2011). Based on the five bases of power (French and Raven, 1959), the authors advocate the social power of teacher is formed with a constituent of expert, referent, legitimate, reward and coercion power. However, teacher’s power is exercised not only to deal with what happens inside in classroom, but also their autonomous actions when contradicting with the control status quo in their outside-classroom context. This source of power has been pinpointed and analysed mainly in educational reform or classroom management research, namely, ‘defensive teaching’ (McNeil, 2000), indicating the power of teacher to engage teaching strategies to strictly stick to the school knowledge rather providing students with the richness of the subject fields.
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