The And Their Potential Impact On Masculinity

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Other instances of kind of mistrust and confusion toward Bronies can even occur in situations of community engagement. One fan recalls, “I was doing community service [and] some girls that were working with me asked what shows I watched. I told them all I really watch is My Little Pony and then they continued to remind me how that was really weird, how I’m too old for it and all that.” Indictments against a Brony because of age and gender are a common theme to fan backlash. Kurt Schlicter wrote scathing article about Bronies and their potential impact on masculinity, claiming that the actions of fans are shameful:
All the while, as these pathetic sissies giggle like school girls over magic unicorns that spray rainbows from their horns…if they had the capacity for shame, this disgusting obsession would be a secret they guard almost as closely as a Harvard faculty member might guard the fact that he’s a registered Republican. As sickening as it is, we can’t just ban grown men from acting like idiots because we disapprove of their lifestyle choices…put aside childish things to contribute to society instead of feeding at the trough and then sitting on their expansive backsides as they eagerly clap like seals at the antics of colorful cartoon steeds.
Schlicter’s accusations attempt to emasculate the fandom by describing them as “sissies” and “idiots.” Additionally, he describes Bronies as “perma-virgins,” attacking the sexual prowess of Bronies for their inability to find
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