The And Theory Of The Tripartite Soul

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When one begins to formulate thoughts on the most influential philosopher of all time, how does one stop and gather every thought into one paper. The historical significance of Plato has impacted generations for more than two thousand years. In fact, his writings, which consisted of mostly dialogues, has probably had more influence than any set of writings in the Western World apart from the Judeo-Christian Bible. As I dug into the life of Plato, which can be an endless search with overwhelming amount of information, his lasting ideas can be summed up in his allegory of the cave and theory of the tripartite soul. Plato was born in around 424 BCE, from an Athenian family that can be traced back to come notable figures in ancient Greece. Even given his influential and well documented writings, many scholars still do not know much about Plato’s past. This can be understandable because in modern day individuals are so use to being able to pull up information on anyone’s background and not have to think twice about it. As for Plato’s time period that more than likely did not so thirst for the information that many are used to getting today. Where there are lives of ancient figures, they tend to be a mixture of idealizing, gossip, and plain fiction. Plato was a student of Socrates who at one point in time was killed for his beliefs and teachings, many believed at the time that he was corrupting the minds of Greece. As it would have it, Plato left the Athenians to go to Sicily…
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