The And Trade With The Americas

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Many times the first thing that is equated to the exploration and trade with the Americas is gold. Although it is true, that the conquistadors and explorers were in search of riches, they did not confine themselves to only precious metals. They quickly worked to capitalise on all of the foodstuff that could be found in the New World. Two examples of foods that have shaped our global economy are sugar and salt. Although they have recently become so common that they are frequently ignored, these simple items have helped build empires, established global trades, and in turn has aided in the creation of a world interconnected by food. Before we can look at the impact it has had, it should be discussed why these food items are important. Salt has become equated with commonality in the last century. This was not the case though for the millennia beforehand. As a necessary mineral to maintain life, salt has been hunted and searched for as long as time itself. Mark Kurlansky explained in his writing on the subject that, “whoever controlled salt was in power.” This statement has been proven correct time, and time again, when those who are attempting to attain sovereignty, often will begin with maintaining control over the salt. Comparatively, sugar is not necessarily essential to human survival. It has other draws for humans though, due to the addictive effects that it has, and its ability to sweeten even the blandest foods. Although sugar has been present in diets before hand, “by
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