The And Veterans Struggling With Psychological Problems

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and veterans struggling with psychological problems. Do not let the bad press related to the VA medical services guide your decisions to use veteran services or not. All medical services are in a state of flux, and we must work to improve them for seniors and veterans. In case you are wondering, I am a Vietnam veteran; and I lost three dear friends. One won the Silver Star for his valor during the battle at Khe Sanh. A salute to all those who serviced our country! 5. Be reasonable. Drop the extras and focus on the basics. Focus on emotional needs when there has been a loss of a spouse or family member. When you know your loved one had a life-time struggle with discrimination or chronic depression, then become sensitive to those issues.…show more content…
The fact that you love someone enough to take on the role of caregiver is a sign of respect, but you must honor their wishes. Making decisions for someone else should never be done without the participation, knowledge, and consent of that person if they still have control of their faculties. A person with mental impairment should take part in the decision-making and problem-solving process as much as possible. If not that person, then their advocate or guardian should be included. Expect that there will be conflicts and differences of opinion. It is better to talk things out early rather during a crisis situation. Successful caregiving requires love and respect of your loved one and yourself. There will come a time when caregiving will end, and you will need to make another transition; and you will need to be in shape emotionally and financially. Why Me? It is important to acknowledge the “reluctant or unwilling caregivers”. There are those who are not necessarily a “loved one”. They fit better into a category of a “non-loved one or somebody who needs help”. Providing care to them may feel like shouldering responsibilities with a grim sense of personal duty. The problem might be that you don’t have any affection for this person. You may even hate to have interactions with them. The person expresses how much they appreciate and count on you. Such remarks may make you feel guilty, but
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