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group. The author of this article gets into how this story works as a ritual and what Morrison does to make it more compelling with things like pulling the reader into making a framework for the novel. The reader has a lot to do as they have to put together the pieces of the story separate from Sethe’s recovery and grieving. Morrison uses a lot of African-American cultural referencing to help with giving the vision of who the characters in the story are and what they sound like in their ritualistic personalities. This novel uses a lot of imagination to heal wounds that are extremely deep. We learn a lot about the healing process of Sethe due to what Beloved has done to her. Beloved forces Sethe to confront her past so much that she is…show more content…
After being freed from slavery for 60 years, Baby Suggs opens her world up to others in need of a figurative ‘hug’ and helps all previous slaves heal from the psychological wounds endured during the difficult times. She has morals and her own strong spirit that tie in with a literal psychoanalytic process of the Freudian way, as this is something Morrison has brought into the story. As it appears, Baby Suggs was of strong spiritual belief. “She did not tell them to clean up their lives or to go and sin no more. She did not tell them they were the blessed of the earth, its inheriting meek or its glorybound pure. She told them that the only grace they could have was the grace they could imagine. That if they could not see it, they would not have it.” (88) The only person in the entire story that Morrison has given this title of something significantly philosophical and moralistic. Morrison uses her as one of the positive foundations in this story vs. Beloved to be a negative foundation of how brutally abrupt and hateful things could be at the time. The article focuses not just on the way Baby Suggs attempts to handle getting in touch with feelings and properly handling emotions of a tattered past, but on the way Sethe handles herself as well. It has to be essentially because Sethe is our main character. She is the energy that is captured negatively in a sense as she goes through a
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