The And White Collar Crime

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1. Literature Review
Crimes have been occurring in our society for many years and recently the occurrence of non-violent crimes has increased dramatically. Traditional and white collar crimes have two traits in common, an objective and a modus operandi, but the major difference is that a white collar criminal has a plan and also the ability, knowledge and technology to execute it (Nevis, 2012).
White-collar crimes can occur at any occupational level and affects all parts of society, from big businesses to individuals. Some associate the definition of white-collar crime mainly to economic crime, but others include corporate crimes like environmental law violations and health and safety law violations (Barnett, 1999). It is interesting to note that corporate crimes such as environmental pollution typically involve corporate personnel on various levels for purposes of implementation, from CEOs to low level workers (Payne, 2013). Overall this project will deal with environmental and white-collar crime outlining the similarities and differences between those.
1.1 White-collar crime
1.1.1 Definition and theory
Recently the issue of white-collar crime has gained a lot of attention and it is quite common to notice such cases in any part of the world. The term itself is rather old as it was coined by Edwin Sunderland in 1939 and white-collar crime is defined as crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation (Payne, 2013). The
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