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Journal 8: Edinborough/With New Understandings from the Lake District and Lady Gregory’s Place “It isn 't about being or not being dead, it 's about what you leave behind” Katurian, The Pillowman After saying these words, Katurian goes on to say if the police officers said they would burn two of the three things, his brother, himself or his writing, he would chose to have his brother burned first, and him charred second and “it would be the stories I would save.” His brother, Michael, does not understand this concept, and I will admit before this day I also discounted Katurian’s wish as slightly mad. However, let me share with you a revelation I had via a politically incorrect tour. Before that, however, I will take you elaborate on my venture to the writers museum. The Scottish writers museum had exhibits on three writers, one of which was Robert Burns whom they described as not only the best poet of Scotland--a world renowned poet— but possibly the best poet of all time. Rooms housed his furniture, original copies of his works, and other artifact’s this “great” writer had touched. There were posters after posters describing his many accolades, making this man out to be a saint. He used writing to create an impressive legacy for himself. Later on that day we took a politically incorrect tour of Scotland. Our tour guide led us up to the Writer’s museum entrance and asked us if we had ever heard of Robert Burns. Maddie and I enthusiastically raised our hands expecting a

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